Home Staging

Living room with modern kitchen in big house

First impressions are everything in the world of real estate. If a potential buyer walks into a home and there are family photos covering the walls, toys everywhere, personal items cluttering the shelves, it already looks like someone else lives there.  It may be a little difficult for the potential buyer to envision what their own lives would look like in that home. That picture has already been painted for them. We want them to feel like they could move in tomorrow.

 At SCG Interiors, we pride ourselves in creating a space that highlights your home in the best possible way while reaching a broad range of potential buyers. We understand that buyers are looking for not just a house, but a home where they can see themselves living happily and is a reflection of who they are and where their future will unfold.

We work to make your home look its best and appeal to the emotion of the buyer. We add special touches to make it warm and inviting. We offer beautifully staged rooms in a clean, well-designed home that anyone can imagine living in, while ultimately helping to maximize your selling price. A staged home will often sell faster than an un-staged home, maximizing your staging investment and minimizing the hassle and costs of extended time on the market. We will work with yourself or your realtor to create the best impact on your target demographic.

 SCG Interiors offers a variety of staging services including furniture and accessory rental, painting, window treatments, storage and delivery, install and tear-down, and interior photography/video for marketing. We can also offer suggestions for creating greater curb appeal, and we work with professional organizers to declutter and clean up your space, preparing it for presentation to potential buyers. Our mission is to bring your home to life, enhance the existing selling features, and create an inspired space that people will remember, long after they’ve left the Open House. We offer a free staging quote on vacant homes, based on size and how many rooms are to be staged. Don’t hesitate to contact us for further information or to book a consultation. We are excited to hear from you!